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Welcoming Coach Alex Melson!

We are happy to introduce a new Honest community member, coach Alex Melson. Alex has been a Sport Performance Trainer for five years. He will be using the Honest training studio for his business – specialized training with high school student athletes. We’re super excited to share the studio with Alex and introduce him to the rest of the Honest family! 

What’s your favorite type of work-out?

My favorite type of workouts are Olympic style lifts.  The power clean is my absolute favorite of them all!

How do you stay motivated to keep a healthy routine?

Staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle is easy for me because I am a role model for the people around me. I am in a role that I impact so many different walks of life, from preschoolers in my gross motor curriculum to collegiate athletes trying to reach their goals. The best form of coaching is living and practicing what you teach.

How long have you lived in Portland? Where else have you lived?

I was actually born in Heidelburg, Germany as my mother served in the army. I have lived in Portland since I was two, and grew up in the NE area.

What is your creative outlet?

My creative outlet is creating music and media. I have a home studio where I make music and create video edits of various footage and photos that I collect in my free time.

Is there a food or drink you couldn’t live without?

Orange Juice! And I hate lima beans.

What’s your favorite kind of music for working out?

I love to workout to hip hop music and love stretching to relaxation “yoga” music. Any music is great that is motivating and up tempo.

What is your idea of the perfect day-off?

My favorite day off would involve hanging out in nature on a nice sunny day, whether it’s going on a hike in the gorge or going floating down the river or hanging out in the backyard, I love being out in the elements!

Check out Alex’s instagram profile @coach.melson and his website: melsonspeedandperformance.com

For inquires on classes and reservations contact Alex by email melson96@gmail.com or through his website!

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