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Meet the Honest WellBEing Co-leader Rachel Butler

Hi, I’m Rachel Butler and I’m THRILLED to be leading the 2019 Honest WellBEing vacation with Trainer Paisley of Honest Training! We’ve been dreaming of leading this vacation for a very long time and can’t wait to bring together our first amazing group of women for 6 days of fitness, personal development, relaxation, and fun.

Like Paisley mentioned, she and I have been friends since waaaaay back. We’ve shared a passion for health and wellness from an early age, and were roomies in college where we studied nutrition. I’ve focused my career on organizational health, leadership, and personal development and do independent coaching & consulting in the Seattle area. For me, the very best part of my work is the special magic that happens in groups when we learn and grow (and get a little uncomfortable) together. Paisley and I are combining my work with the Honest Training Fitness you know and love to create a special sauce we can’t wait to share with you on this vacation.

On a personal note, I live in Seattle with my husband Matt and two wild boys, Sullivan (5) and Cary (3). I also co-create a passion project called Unlearning SuperMom, where we explore (and challenge) modern messaging and culture around motherhood. You might guess that I’m interested in that topic because I have SuperMom tendencies, and you would be right. In fact, having little kids has in many ways really kicked my ass. From experiences with postpartum depression and anxiety to overwhelm at the daily grind of working and keeping the household going, this shit isn’t easy. Some of the things we’re going to focus on in this vacation – fitness, relaxation, reflection, taking time to just BE – are things I’ve struggled to prioritize since having kiddos.

I want to share that with you because, as Paisley would say, “Trainers are people too.” What I’ve realized as I learn to take care of my Self in this new reality is that every woman I know well shares at least some of these struggles, whether she’s a mother or not. We’re in a phase of life where there is richness, complexity, aliveness as well as struggle, overwhelm, even grief. I have to put more attention into staying well than I have in the past. And it’s all okay and welcome, because for me this is the real stuff that moves me toward deeper compassion, a wiser heart, a meaningful life.

I think the single best thing we can do is to give ourselves time to just BE. To drop the to-do lists and sit in stillness so we can hear our inner voice. I’m so looking forward to facilitating this time to BE for the women on this vacation. I hope I’ll get to meet you there, or on a future wellbeing vacation.

With Love,


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P.S.S. Want to join us?  Click here to sign up for this life-changing trip now!  There are limited spots … so hustle.

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