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Jaime Arb Haessig: Honest Community Stand Out!

We’re so excited to spotlight another woman-owned business and Honest member, Jaime Arb Haessig! Jaime is a highly experienced Portland Realtor, and we have so much admiration for how hard she works! Highly recommend getting in touch with Jaime if you’re thinking of buying or selling! Get to know a little bit about Jaime and find more contact info below.

How long have you been working out at Honest? How did you get started?

In May, I will be celebrating my one year anniversary at Honest. My past clients who have turned into friends, Kelsey Klingenberg and Adam Devore introduced me on to Honest. They both raved about Paisley’s training style and how great they both felt due to time spent at Honest. I gave it a try and loved it instantly.

Do you have any advice for someone who is new at Honest?

Do it! Then, stick with it the community is extremely supportive and kind. Everyone at every level can succeed at Honest.

What is your favorite class at Honest or type of work-out?

MetCon is my favorite. It can be brutal, but at the end of the workout you feel like a superhero just for completing it. After that your day is set up for good things.

How do you stay motivated?

Working out has always been a form of mental health and balance for me but it might be my 4 year old who keeps me motivated the most. I want to be fit and healthy to keep up with him and all the actives we do as a family. I’m committed to never being the one who slows us down. Additionally, once I started getting to know the people at Honest it’s fun to show up and workout with new gym friends.

What keeps you busy in between workouts?

Well, I am a Realtor which certainly keeps me on my toes and all over town. I also have an energetic 4 year old, my husband and I seem to have a hard time sitting still so we always have some kind of project going on. When not working we always seem to be remodeling, building, camping, going to live music shows, or taking off on a long van trip.

How long have you lived in Portland? Where else have you lived?

I’m a small (really small) town Kansas girl at my roots but Portland has been home for over 16 years now.

What is your creative outlet?

Gardening and working in the yard.

What is your self-care routine?

Working out at Honest is a huge part of my self care. I balance that with cocktails with my girlfriends and, so far, sanity has prevailed.

What’s your favorite kind of music for working out? Or otherwise?

Goodness, I love so many different kinds of music. Right now, I equally love Chris Stapleton and Beyoncé.

What is your idea of the perfect day-off?

A long hike through the forest to one of the many PNW waterfalls or rivers followed by pizza and a beer in the sunshine.

Working with people whom I have a common thread with makes my work even more fun.  If any of you all are looking to buy or sell, let me show you what my 12+ years of experience as a Realtor in Portland has taught me.  I am certain that you’ll feel that I have the chops to help you get to where you’re going.  Check me out at online.  jaime@brokerjaime.com or 503-730-7205.

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