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Announcing the 2019 Honest WellBEing Vacation!

Hey All!  I am thrilled to announce our 2019 Hawaii fitness vacation!  This year I have joined forces with my best friend Rachel Bulter (see us below, we’ve been BFF’s for our whole lives — here we were just busted unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper).

The 2019 Honest WellBEing Vacation is all about taking time to just BE. With the Honest fitness you know and love, plus facilitated content devoted to your personal development, you’ll…

  • nourish and care for your body,

  • focus on your heart, your inner knowing

  • connect with this incredible community of women

  • have some fun!d

  • on’t worry, we’re still planning lots of free time for you

  • plus this year nutritious, homemade meals are included !

When? Feb 19-25th 2019

Where? Kona, Hawaii (same delightful estate as the past 2 years)

Who? Eight (8) women!

You’ll love this vacation if you:

  • Wish you could take a time out to care for and reconnect with your Self

  • Have read way too many self-help books 😉

  • Are open to growth and like getting a little uncomfortable physically, emotionally, spiritually

  • Want to build trusting relationships while challenging yourself with other women

  • Love fitness and want to rock some amazing workouts IN HAWAII

  • OR, if you’ve not done much of that before but would like to give it a try

Sorry guys… ladies only (we did hear your feedback and hope to plan a co-ed vacation in the future)!

Now let me introduce Rachel …

Rachel Butler is an executive coach, a leadership and organizational health consultant, co-creator at Unlearning SuperMom, a friend, sister, wife, and mother of two boys.  Rachel is one of those unique women who is both powerhouse and presence. If you were to only read her resume, on paper she’s a total badass. But then you meet her and she blows you away with her kindness, her integrity, her humor, and her genuine care. Which are good qualities, considering she has more scandalous stories about Paisley than pretty much anyone and can (mostly) be trusted not to betray them.

Professionally, Rachel has worked with over 325 organizations in the Pacific Northwest in not-for-profit, small business, hospitality, and technology. Her focus is on developing self-awareness and systems awareness in leaders, facilitating learning among small groups, and building more human-centered organizations. She has a special passion for helping women find their voice and their way in their personal and professional lives. She holds a Masters in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Development, is a Professional Co-Active Coach, a trained Executive Coach through Saybrook University, a Certified Change Management Practitioner, and holds a B.S. in Nutrition.

To sum up, Rachel and I have been dreaming about making this trip happen for many many years and we couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!  Click here for more details of the trip or here to sign up NOW!

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