There are A LOT of personal trainers, bootcamps, and fitness studio's out there! We want you to know right away why Honest Training is different.

We are about loving our bodies, the amazing things it does for us, and practicing good body image. We are about community. Creating a supportive community of accountability is vital for success. We are real and honest about the struggles and we celebrate the victories!


At Honest Training we offer small group training. You get the experience of having a personal trainer to shape your workouts and ensure proper movement...plus a group of fun people to keep the energy high. This format allows for focused coaching, modifications and plenty of opportunities to make the workout individual. This is key for people who need help with form and posture...which is EVERYONE! We want to keep you moving well and free from injury. 


Most importantly, at Honest you will find camaraderie, support, community and friendship.

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"My mission is to create a safe, fun and community driven space for people to learn and improve themselves."

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Owner & Head Coach


We're here to help you reach your goals through consistency and movements focused on longevity. We are passionate about creating a supportive and fun community to keep you accountable while making Honest a place you want to keep coming back to.


“I remind myself that my daily habits and actions will either lead me to or keep me from accomplishing my goals.”

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"Woof woof."

Scout is at the gym most days as our official gym greeter.  You will most likely see her snoozing during your workout.

Official Greeter

"My favorite coaches create an environment that helps you find your own bad ass and ensures you sprinkle in a dose of self compassion." 

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