We believe that if you have a body, you're an athlete. Our clients range from competitive athletes to people (re-)starting their fitness journey.

We specialize in world-class coaching and classes that provide functional, full-body movements that create strong, mobile, long-lasting bodies (no body-trashing workouts here). You can expect high intensity exercise with a variety of movements and modification for all fitness levels.


Most of all, we want our clients to have fun and feel accepted right where they are at. You'll always feel welcome in our community. Our highly experienced coaches are real people, committed to making this your fitness home. 

What are you waiting for?  Email for more info on memberships and pricing!  Paisley@honestportland.com

Nothing in life is more precious than health and wellness

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We're Portland Local and Woman Owned!




We bring together a vibrant community of positive people to create a supportive, non-competitive, and fun environment. Come for the fitness, keep coming back for the community.


We believe that small, consistent lifestyle changes lead to major transformations. Our coaches focus on healthy, sustainable movements that make life—and feeling strong in your body—so much easier.


Our coaches are knowledgable and informed about movement. We understand mobility, how to avoid injury, and train for sustainable movement. We are committed to our own growth so we can keep supporting you in your goals.


Who would keep doing something consistently that is no fun? Not us! We laugh every day and bring playfulness, fun, and variety to every class.